spacy - Supra X 125 helm injection

    Supra X 125 helm injection

    spacy helm in jection
    helm in jection
    spacy - Supra X 125 helm injection
    2012 Honda has been present the Supra X 125 helm in and spacy injection, then Honda now has 6 variants motorcycle injection. Starting from the CBR 250R, CBR 150R, PCX 125 and AT Revo.
    produk honda injection
    supra x 125 helmets in already on the road and can predicate the most economical motorcycle on the streets, as in years past, although it still uses a carburetor motor Supra X 125 is the most sold on the market.
    Even going forward, all new Honda motorcycles will be born with this technology. The target at the end of 2013 all Honda motorcycles sold already using injection technology.
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