Honda fuel injection irit murah motorcycles

    Honda fuel injection irit murah on motorcycles. honda hope the consument get buy the injection motor.
    Honda fuel injection irit murah motorcycles2012 harga motor injeksi murah
    in fact karburator VS PGM-FI

    price difference between the carburetor and injection motor is very thin so that encourages the use of motorcycles with fuel injection technology is more environmentally friendly.
    the AHM want to be a pioneer in the use of fuel injection on motorcycles given to the front, there are the demands of the application of exhaust gas emissions euro 3 in Indonesia.
    Hori also promised to do the localization of components of PGM-FI in Indonesia, given the production and sale of AHM in Indonesia this year and next year will break the above four million units.
    Honda spacy Helm in PGM-FI is Rp12, 8 ( million rupiah) per unit and AHM suggested PGM-FI technology makes more efficient motorcycles 17 percent.
    Supra X125 PGM-FI marketed at a price of Rp15, 85 ( million rupiah) per unit, with a rate of five percent compared keiritan carburetor.
    Honda fuel injection irit murah
    Honda fuel injection
    2012 honda injection FISV
    Honda fuel injection2012
    Honda fuel injection motorcycles system diagram
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