About creativity in the modification, Indonesia never endless, especially for the type scooter matic, such as Honda Beat works from Bandung, West Java. Scooter-style model, even almost Lambretta from Italy. “Combined with European-style scooter, but precisely because it trace enggak been much different,” said Wildan El Salman, the builder and owner of the motor.
    European nuances thick fiber look to the body of the design is greater than the standard beat. “To adapt this great body, the position of the rear axle still made back as far as 20,” said Wildan. Meanwhile, the framework of the standard, he continued, not diutak-utik. Just do it just to attach breket body.

    Then, body constrained in certain parts of the curve for the impressive aerodynamics and racing element. Sporty impression is emphasized by the use of materials rather than carbon-carbon-look, but the original-in some places, such as rear seat cover, front sepatbor, and houses the headlights.
    Uniquely, the deck is made of 3 mm-thick aluminum designed with the motive hair line or lines, as is generally installed on the accelerator, clutch, and brake in a racing car. It was not just the flat, but also at the bottom of the shield.
    View honda BEAT so sweet thanks to the game of two color tones. “Although modern body model, to color slightly retro affair. This race car inspired lawas generally two colors,” lid Product Design graduate of STSI Bandung.
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